Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Trip To California!!

Well it's been a while! Here's what we have been up to!!!
Playing with our sweeeeeeet baby/toddler ;( Damon!

                                                         Celebrating St. Patty's Day
                                               Damon now rides in a big boy car seat!!!
                                                     We went swimming in Cali

                                                      The Condo's in Clear Lake
                                                           Clear Lake, California
                                                         Car ride to California
                                          We visited Seabiscuits Ranch

                                          Photo op on the side of the rd next to a huge redwood

                                                      We went to the ocean

                                           More swimming!!!

                                          Dan and I were able to watch this beautiful sunset!!

Well as you can tell, we went with my family on one last vacation before Colby left for Paraguay. We went to Clearlake, California. We had such a good time. We went for a week, and it was perfect! Damon was a champ! He handled the car and sleeping in strange places great! He's such a sweet little boy. We drove halfway to Reno, then went on to Clearlake. My family stayed here one spring break about 10 years ago, and looooved it. It was great to go back. It was beautiful. It was back in the mountains, everything was green, and it was nice and warm!! A nice change in scenery! We went to seabiscuits ranch. My dad is a HUGE Seabiscuit fan (everytime we want to watch a movie, that's his choice), so we made the 30 min drive and it was definitely worth it! It didn't look like it did in the movie, but it was still really pretty!
After that, we drove to the ocean up by Fort Bragg. It wasn't a sandy beach, but it was still beautiful! I loooove the ocean! I'll take what I can get. I found a huge starfish. My mom wouldn't let me take it home. hahaha but it was still cool to see and hold! The rest of our vacation we layed out by the pool and just relaxed. Damon loved the pool. He just sat in his floaty and watched everyone. If he was in the kiddy pool and could reach, he would run all over the place. It was so cute. 
It's amazing how long it takes to get back into your routine after a vacation with a baby. I feel like it took me 2 weeks to get him sleeping again and on a schedule! But everything is great now!
Speaking of Damon, He will be 1 in just 2 weeks!!! I can't believe it! It has flown by! He's such a big boy now. He climbs up the stairs, jabbers! Oh my gosh does he jabber. He's such a little talker! He's so cute. He's soooo close to walking! He eats anything I put in front of him. He's such a good eater. He always open his mouth HUGE for me! haha when other people feed him they give him these tiny bites and i'm like load it up!! He takes huge spoonfulls. So feeding him is always easy and surprising clean.
He loves bath time and playing with Daddy. He says Daddy and is starting to say Mommy. I love it. He's learning so fast. He loves to get into my drawers and pull everything out. When I do laundry he "helps" me by pulling on the clothes on the floor. He's fine with going to other people and playing with other kids. He is going through a little bit of a shy phase though. He gets a little nervous around new people.  Mostly males. He LOOOOVES little girls. We are in HUGE trouble. I was walking him around the halls in church, and everytime we passed a little girl, he'd lead me to her and try to touch her. It was cute. But he's such a flirt already!!
Speaking of little girls, I am SOOOO baby hungry it's not even real! I want a little girl so bad. Or just a baby in general. I can't help but crave a little baby again. He's almost one, and I miss that little baby smell. Dan's ready for one, and I really want one now too. Our plan was to wait until the end of the year, but man. I don't think I can make it! hahaha! Today at the gym I was watching TLC and of course a baby story came on, and I teared up at that moment when you first hear that little baby cry. Whenever I go shopping I see the little spring girl dresses, I just want a little girl so bad to dress her in them. I know! Some of you probably think I'm crazy! But I can't help it. I just love being a mom and I want all the kids I can handle!!!
Well that's about it for now! Thanks for reading!