Monday, November 6, 2017

Morley Family Update!

Holy Cow! Life has been moving a million miles an hour! Ever since I had Raquel, I have been in a a tornado of school, and soccer, and nursing, and toddler tantrums! I'm just trying to get the hang of having 4 kids. I thought 3 kids was going to be the worst, but I actually think 4 has been the hardest for me. I don't know why exactly, but I would say it's probably because Raquel and Jag are so close together. And I love that, but it's also so hard. When I had Damon and Rafe, they were the only two so my focus was all them. This time around I'm just so out numbered. I feel like I have a to do list a mile long and I can't ever make a dent in it. I can feed her, change her diaper, then Jag needs a diaper, then someone needs a snack, and then the laundry needs get the idea. Every day, all day. You mommas know what I'm talking about!!

But life is GOOD! My kids are GREAT! It is hard being a mom. It's hard to TRY and be on top of everything and be super mom and have time for your own sanity. So it's an adjustment and I'm still working out the kinks, not very gracefully some days, but I'm working on it!

The boys have been doing so great in school! They both have lots of friends and are just happy boys. Jag really had a hard time with raquel when she was born, but now he just loves her and is always concerned when she cries. We've been concerned with Jag's speech, so he has his first speech therapy appointment tomorrow afternoon! I am so excited to get him talking more! It will make life so much easier! He just needs a little boost and I'm hoping this will help. Raquel is so sweet and tiny and just the center of attention all the time! She's so smiley and happy! She turns 4 months old today and I can't believe how fast it's going! I'm trying to soak it all in. She's been sleeping 6-7 hours at night so I moved her into her own room a few nights ago and it's been great! We also switched Jag to a toddler bed and he's done awesome with that too!! The smoothest transition with that yet!

We went to Mccall the other weekend and took some family pictures! It's crazy to look at these and think, these are all mine!!! I'm a lucky lady! I can't believe how big my boys are getting! It's unreal to me. Here's my favorite ones!

Damon- 7- 2nd Grade. He loves to play soccer and football. He still loves everything Star Wars and Lego's! He wants a giant nerf gun for Christmas. He is the best big brother ever! Such a sweet hearted boy and truly tries to please us as his parents. He's just the best!!
Rafe- 5- Kindergarten. He loves soccer, star wars, and lego's just as much as Damon. And surprise surprise, he wants a nerf gun for Christmas too! Thankfully Damon's a good example so he is just as sweet and good as Damon. He is pretty feisty when he wants to be, but as he gets older it's more rare. He is super protective over Jag and is great at playing with him and giving him attention. He's my little helper and he is definitely the comedian in the family! 
Jag is the perfect mix of Damon and Rafe. So sweet and cuddly, but such a stinker when he doesn't get what he wants! (Like most toddlers, I know) He just turned 2 so we are officially in the "terrible two's"! He has started hitting and throwing fits, but it's not too often. He's having a hard time speaking so that's most of the reason why he hits or throws fits. I'm hoping once he can communicate better, those will die down a bit. He is so funny and silly. He will always dance if there's music, he loves his sister. He loves to play with trucks and tractors and LOVES to read books. He loves to cuddle and watch Trolls every morning. He is just the funnest little boy and I am loving this stage where he is learning and growing so much!!
This girl is the apple of our eye! She is so sweet and so much fun to have around! I absolutely love to dress her every day! She has an insane amount of bows and cute clothes! Sometimes I change her twice a day just because I can!!! I've waited so long to have a girl who I can dress up and have a little dolly to play with! This fuzzy jacket I HAD to have when I saw it! Best $12 I ever spent!!! She has the loudest cry and can really keep it going! But she is so smiley and happy otherwise! She's doted on all day and is a total mommies girl! I like to call her baby rocky, but it's not Dan's favorite but I love it! I think it's a great nickname for a girl with three older brothers. A little tom boyish but still kinda girly! 

I need to do a few touch ups on them, but I'm just glad we got some good ones while we were up there!! Jag was a stinker for almost every single picture! But family pictures are hard with kids these ages anyways, so it's fine. 

 I did a few updates on my other blog that are more about raquels birth and life since then. If you're interested go on over!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Baby Update!

I posted on my other blog a baby update! I'm totally too lazy right now to write another update here! So head over to my other blog and you can read what's going on!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Today it was over 80 degrees outside.

It was so nice!

Then we went to Damon's soccer game. And it was still over 80 degrees outside.....and it wasn't so nice.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but I really don't like the heat. 80 degrees is about my max unless i'm by the beach. Then bring it on. But if I'm chasing kids around at a soccer game, 31 weeks pregnant, in PANTS........80 degrees is too freakin hot.

Anyways! Rafe finished pre school last week, Damon finishes 1st grade this week, and they both finish up their soccer season next week! Then we are slowing it down a little before this baby comes.

This is good and bad.

Between pick up and drop off's and different school and soccer schedules, we are always busy!!! It's made this pregnancy FLY by. Like it's unreal that she's going to be here so soon. But now that this stuff is finishing up, I know these next few months are going to DRAG. And they already drag enough as it is at the end of pregnancy.

So I've been thinking of what I can do with the boys this summer before the baby gets here that would be fun, but not too hard for me to do with them. Before we know it baby sister will be here, then school starts back up again. It's crazy!

I'm glad it's summer and that I'll have some good time with the boys before she gets here, but I'm hoping it doesn't get too much hotter! Wishful thinking, I know. And i know there are probably so many people that hate me for saying it's too hot because this winter was so long and horrible, and everyones been waiting for it to warm up......but I'm totally that person that is fine with it being spring and 50/60 degreees forever. hahaha so don't hate me! It's just who I am.....and the pregnancy talking!

In other news, we got our yard in, that it's been so nice to look out my windows and not see tons of rock and weeds! we are about 90% of the way finished. We just need to lay some weed barrier and get some rock for the flower beds. It will be so nice to have a place to send the kids this summer. Damon's been so obsessed with soccer, and I love that he can play right out the back door. We just need some friends to come over and play to pass the days away! Hopefully it will be nice to slow down a little bit and just enjoy the last of this pregnancy, my boys, and some nice weather! But if you hear me complain about the heat just don't hate me! haha

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

FLORIDA/DISNEY!!!! Lots of Pictures!!

These are just some of my favorite pictures from our trip! I have a ton more from my camera but I've already moved them all onto my hard drive so I just took these from my phone.
Dan's parents live in Florida so I'm always checking for cheap flights. I found a super great deal for the end of october to early november. I was so excited to take the kids to disney while everything was decked out for Halloween, and then Christmas!! We've taken them before, but they were so little they won't remember. Damon claims he does remember meeting Mickey, which he remembers things that makes me wonder if he really does remember! haha Anyways, we couldn't pass up the deal on the flights, and we figured since we were going, we had to go to disney and then Dan and I went to Universal Studios for a day.
So we flew out on a thursday, it was a red eye, but it was non stop. This was good because flying that far usually means at least one lay over and it can take a whole travel day. It was also nice because the boys slept a good portion of the flight. But it made Dan and I soooooo tired the next day. So that was kind of brutal for us, but luckily my in laws are amazing and let us sleep and catch some naps over the next few days while we were at their house. They live about 2 hours outside Orlando. So once our flight landed we got ALL our crap and our rental car and headed to their house. It was a long night and a long morning, but it was so great once we were there.
We had a day at the beach, which the boys loved! I could sit at the beach all day and comb the sand and just listen to the waves. Jag took a nap on me which was so sweet not to have to chase him around, and just relax. The boys loved building sand castles and dumping water on our feet.
The next few days we just hung out and enjoyed spending time with family. Dan's sister, Brynne and her family came to visit us and spend halloween together! We had fun at the trunk or treat at the church. The boys couldn't wait to get in their Star Wars Costumes. We went swimming, carved pumpkins, took naps, had some beach time, played games, and just visited and enjoyed eachother's company!
On Monday we headed to Orlando to begin the Disney part of the trip. My sweet parents booked us a few days in their time share in Reunion, FL which was just about 10-15 minutes from Disney. It was AMAZING! The resort had it's own water park so we spent one of the mornings there. It was the perfect place to crash every night after we were worn out from the parks.
We went to Hollywood Studios the first day where we did EVERYTHING Star Wars. The boys were in heaven! We had SO much fun! It was a great way to start our trip. We rode all the fun rides and got to see a cool show with all the main star wars characters. One of my favorite parts of the day was when we stopped and watched the "jedi's in training" where kids get to go up on stage and get robes and lightsabers and they go through "training" so that they can defeat darth vadar. So we stopped to watch and I asked the boys if they wanted to do it and they said yes and were so excited.....then Darth Vadar came out and they suddenly weren't so eager. Hahaha they really thought it was the real darth vadar and were too scared. Rafe was pretty scared for all the kids that were up on the stage, but I reassured him that they'd be ok......but I mean have you seen the star wars where annikan kills all the young jedi?!  Oh yeah, and Dan and I were parents of the year and made Damon go on Tower of Terror with us, which was hilarious! He had a solid face expression the whole time. He was so scared but you never would have known it! On the other hand, I peed my pants. That ride scares the heck out of me! haha damon handled it way better than I did! But he made sure to tell us a few times that he didn't ever want to ride it again. hahaha
The second day we started off the morning at Animal Kingdom. I LOVE animal kingdom. I love all the trees and how jungly everything is. We rode the safari ride first which is always awesome because almost all the animals are out. Lucky for us, Dan's sister Brynne used to work at Disney so she knows all the good tricks! We got a bunch of fast passes for the yetti ride, so Dan and I rode it 3 times back to back. It was amazing. We went to it's tough to be a bug and the Lion King. Those are always fun. We spent a lot of time just walking around and looking at everything. Then around lunch time we left and got some food, then headed to Epcot for the rest of the day. My favorite was fast track. I haven't ridden that ride before and the boys were in heaven building their own car and "racing" it. I also love Soarin, which is now soarin around the world, which was so cool! Last time I rode it, it was just in california. The boys were a little freaked out on it, but I think they enjoyed it. We also went on the finding Nemo ride, the space ride that's inside the big globe....I can't remember the name. And dan and I did the zero gravity ride. It was a fun day! Epcot at night is so pretty!
The third day was all spent at Magic Kingdom. We rode EVERYTHING. It was so great because the wait times were really low because of the time of year we went. I super loved the new 7 dwarfs ride, the car track was fun with the boys, we also love splash mountain and space mountain.  We rode dumbo, and the spacerocket ride, it's a small world, winnie the pooh, the carrousel, and peter Pan. I'm sure there were a few others, but those were the best. We stuck around for the fireworks, which was magical! I love Magic Kingdom at night when the castle is all lit up. It was so cool! Packed with people, but cool and I hope the boys will always remember it!
The last day Dan and I went to Universal Studios. We pretty much walked on every ride! I made him ride the hulk ride with me back to back. It's my favorite! We got drenched on jurrasic park, which we also rode twice. The first time we didn't get too wet, but the second time we were drenched! We spent most of our day in harry Potter world. We honestly didn't touch the second park except for Harry Potter world. We rode both the dragon rides, after we ate lunch at three broomsticks, which was a bad plan! hahaha we felt so sick after we got another butter beer. Seriously so good. We did the ride at the castle, which I love! Last time we went, we did the single rider line which is much shorter but you don't get to see hardly any of the castle. So this time we got to see more of the castle which was so cool! Then we rode the hogwarts express to the other park and walked around for a bit. It's amazing to see all the shops and how much everything looks like it's straight out of the movie. We rode the new gringots ride twice then the park was closing so we headed out! We loved the gringots ride! Probably my new favorite! I don't mind missing that side of the park though. It's a lot of like the simpsons and transformers, and mummy. I like more rollercoaster rides than the 3D rides. I was bummed we missed the rockin rollercoaster ride, but i've been there done that so it was worth it to spend it on the gringots ride instead.
We could not have done any of this without Dan's parents. They were such troopers. They were so sweet to wheel Jag around in his stroller while we took the boys on rides. And to babysit them for the last whole day so we could go to Universal was so sweet of them. They probably needed a vacation from our vacation hahah! But I know our boys had so much fun spending time with their grandparents and they are always asking when we are going to go back to florida.
The next day we did a little swimming then checked out of our hotel and headed back home! It was a long week that was jam packed of family and fun. Dan and I both talk about how glad we are that we spent our money on that trip. It could have gone a million places, but we'll never regret spending it to see our family and create memories with our kids.  I'm sure they'll remember it forever! If they start to forget I have about 3 hours of video and 2 thousand pictures for them to refresh their memory! ;)