Friday, June 8, 2012

Is it seriously June already?

Where has this year gone? I can't believe it's already past the first week of June. This month always flies by for me. I'm trying to figure something good for Father's day and Dan's birthday is the 26. I have so many things I want to get him, but I'm trying not to go overboard;)
We leave for Florida on Tuesday and we are so stinkin excited! I can't wait to see our family and hang out on the beach and maybe hit up Disney land and Universal. I'm excited for Damon to play with his cousins and for everyone to meet Rafe. They have no cousins on the west coast, so I'm glad that Damon will get a chance to know his cousins better! One thing I'm not looking forward to is the plane ride...with two kids. Luckily we got a red eye so we are hoping they will sleep. But that could easily blow up in our faces haha lets just hope it doesn't. And I don't do well in the heat and humidity. I've always been a fan of like maybe 80 degree weather with a little humidity. But I prefer overcast skies. THat might sound crazy to some people but I love the rain and I love grey skies. I don't know why. It's beautiful. UNLESS I'm at the beach, then I want it like 100 degrees. But walking around in the heat drives me crazy! And my hair turns into a fro.
Yesterday I took Damon to Ann Morrison park. He loved it! A little too much. He did not want to leave and he let everyone know it. Especially me....the whole 20 minute drive home. and about 10 minutes after we had been home. Thankfully he fell asleep after all that screaming so I could have a little minute to regain my sanity! But we had fun. There was a big fountain and slides and swings and we fed the ducks. It's so cute, Damon kept saying "here ducky ducky" I have a video of it, but I don't know how to upload to a blog. I posted a few of the pictures on Facebook So you can check those out;) He is such a fun little boy and Rafe loves to be outside too. We try to get out at least once a day. The only thing that holds me back is when we have to come inside and Damon looses it!
My best friend, Victoria Pieksma, just got home from her mission in Honduras. I went to the airport with her fam at midnight on wednesday. It's so good to see her and have her back! I freakin missed her. It makes me so excited for when Colby will come home. in just about 10 months. haha that seems so far away. I miss him so much but he is doing so great and has grown up so much.
Well sorry for the random scatterbrained post. I just didn't know what to do with my free time!:)