Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Dan and I wanted to take a trip for our 5th anniversary, and we found a sweet deal on groupon for Cabo. I was a little nervous about going. I was really excited but I get really nervous about flying and travel, especially to a different country. Our plane out of Boise was delayed long enough that we missed our connection, but it only ended up putting us in to cabo like two hrs later, which was only like 1 pm. 
We had no plans to do anything the whole trip. I didn't even really care to leave the resort. I just wanted to relax and lay around and tan and read books and drink virgin Miami vice's the whole 5 days. And that's exactly what we did and it was amazing!
We slept in every morning, order some room service, then would head down the the beach bungalow and read/ lay in the sun then order some chips and guacamole for lunch, read some more, then head back to the room for a little siesta!  Then maybe go to the pool, get ready for dinner then we would pick one if the restaurants there and go eat, then walk around for a bit then head back to the room for the night. That was pretty much our daily routine and it was so relaxing. Most trips we have a bunch of stuff planned, but this was so nice to just go and relax and do nothing.  The resort was beautiful, everyone was so nice, and it was warm the whole time we were there. And I got the worst sunburn of my life and it was so uncomfortable but that was the only downside;)
Hers some pics of the trip! 

Part of the resort was built into this mountain. It was beautiful!
We are dinner most nights at this spot. It overlooked the bay and where everyone swims with the dolphins. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Damon's 4th Birthday and beginning of Summer!

For Damon's 4th bday we went to wahooz and let him play some games and ride the go carts. Then on his actual bday we went to the zoo where he whined the whole time until we got to the play area. Haha 4 year olds, man! Damon is such a sweet kid. He loves playing with rafe and is a sweet brother- most of the time. They've started to wrestle a lot with each other. The main issue we have is over cars and trucks and the kindle! They always want to play with what the other one has. Damon is very sensitive to other people and their emotions. He picks up on everything and is always sweet when someone is sad. It's probably one of the sweetest traits he has and it's so sweet to watch him develop and grow into a kind, smart, energetic, loving little boy!

His cake that was sooo yummy!!
My sweet baby niece, Harlow
The boys going down the slide
Beth, her bf David and the boys
I miss my peonies
Beth was here for her bday,  so we partied!!!
Our first pick from the strawberry plants in the backyard

This summer is already going by too fast. The weather had been great so we've been spending a lot if days outside in our little pool and slip and slide.

Gall bladder cleanse

So the other night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and I kept thinking about my gallbladder and how I need to get surgery and all that; so I did the smart thing and started googling things. 
I may or may not have watched a video of someone's surgery. Then had nightmares about some putting some hot torch into a tube in my belly button and burning my insides to separate my gallbladder from everything else. Gross.
So then I started googling cleanses so maybe I don't have to have surgery. Here's my main problems.
Gallstones can be hereditary, which in my case it is. So I can drink a million gallons of apple juice and distilled water and stand on my head and all that other crazy crap, but there is a good chance they will come back, or I won't get them all out. I really want to have another baby despite my Facebook rants, and I need to have this surgery done before that because it gets a million times worse if you're pregnant and have this. So I'm worried if I go the cleanse route, think I'm all good, get pregnant, then have it develop again while pregnant and the risks during surgery are way worse.
All of that I know, and it all makes sense and I know the smartest thing to do it just have the surgery......I just don't want to.
Has anyone done a cleanse? And it worked and they felt better and the stones didn't develop again? I think if other people had luck with it, I'd try it......
And just learn from my stupidity and don't google your health problems at 2 am and watch YouTube videos about it. So ridiculous.