Friday, July 11, 2014

Gall bladder cleanse

So the other night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and I kept thinking about my gallbladder and how I need to get surgery and all that; so I did the smart thing and started googling things. 
I may or may not have watched a video of someone's surgery. Then had nightmares about some putting some hot torch into a tube in my belly button and burning my insides to separate my gallbladder from everything else. Gross.
So then I started googling cleanses so maybe I don't have to have surgery. Here's my main problems.
Gallstones can be hereditary, which in my case it is. So I can drink a million gallons of apple juice and distilled water and stand on my head and all that other crazy crap, but there is a good chance they will come back, or I won't get them all out. I really want to have another baby despite my Facebook rants, and I need to have this surgery done before that because it gets a million times worse if you're pregnant and have this. So I'm worried if I go the cleanse route, think I'm all good, get pregnant, then have it develop again while pregnant and the risks during surgery are way worse.
All of that I know, and it all makes sense and I know the smartest thing to do it just have the surgery......I just don't want to.
Has anyone done a cleanse? And it worked and they felt better and the stones didn't develop again? I think if other people had luck with it, I'd try it......
And just learn from my stupidity and don't google your health problems at 2 am and watch YouTube videos about it. So ridiculous.

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