Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rafey baby is 4!

Looking back over all the pictures of my sweet Rafe, I can't help but get emotional. I hate how big my boys are getting sometimes! When I see all these pictures about how tiny and innocent they were I just wish they could stay tiny and innocent for just a while longer. 
I remember the day Rafe was born like yesterday. My water broke two weeks early and I was SO excited to be meeting my baby. I was nervous about the delivery since I was trying to VBAC. It ended up being a stressful and scary delivery but I will never forget that moment when they laid him on my chest. That moment was so special and precious to me. He was the only one of my boys that I actually got to hold right away. After my delivery with Damon I would cry to have that moment. I would watch shows and bawl every time the mom got to hold her new baby like that. I finally got that moment with Rafe and it is something I will never forget. All you moms know how special that moment is, and all my c section mommas know how much you crave that.
Rafe was such a good baby. He was so relaxed and hardly ever cried even if Damon was smothering him with kisses. 
He was just the sweetest! As he got older the stronger her personality got. We've called him our sour patch kid since he was about 1 1/2. He is either so sweet or just a little stinker! Most the times he's sweet though;)
No one makes Damon laugh like Rafe can. They have always been best buddies and I am so thankful for that. Some of my favorite things about Rafe are how funny he is, how sassy he can be, how protective he is, and how his sweet little voice saying "I love you mom" after he does something naughty can just wipe away all my anger.
I can't believe it's been four years with this sweet boy. He has brought such a fun sweet side to our family! He can never keep a straight face, even when he is super mad. If you tell him not to smile he will always crack up and forget what he was angry about. If he gets in trouble he will get really mad then come around 5 minutes later with an I love you. 
He doesn't warm up to people very easily and some get offended by that, but if you play with him or talk to him about cars he will be your best buddy! I am so glad he's mine!! 
Happy Birthday Mr. Chubby!!!

Some of Rafes Favorite Things:
Color- red
Show- Paw Patrol
Best friend- Damon
Food- spaghetti or waffles
Truck- a back Dodge Ram (he wants one when he grows up) 
Construction truck- excavator with stabilizer legs..... Haha he's very specific;)
When he grows your wants to be a truck driver!
Oh and his name in Spanish is chewbacca hahahaha just ask him!