Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sickness for everybody!!!

I am pretty much ready to pull my hair out. For the last week we have been sick and it's just getting worse and worse. We went to Boise last Wednesday and stayed at my parents house for a few day. While we were there the mountains were all on fire and the smoke was horrible. Rafe and I started coughing up a storm and started feeling pretty crappy. Damon broke out in hives all over his face and arms and hands. I took him to the dr while we were there to see what the heck was going on with him. It looked pretty similar to fifth disease and I wanted to make sure it wasn't that. Turns out it was hives.... Viral hives? I didn't know that was a thing.....And again, it started out almost unrecognizable and each day just got worse and worse. So by the end of our trip Rafe and I had full blown chest and head colds and Damon was starting to clear up a little. 
So here we are, a week later, I am coughing so much and so intensely that my ribs are killing me and I can barely sleep at night even drugged on unisom. It's hard being pregnant because a lot of the good cough medicines aren't allowed. I finally got some robitussin today so we will see how that works. Poor Rafe is so sick. His cough is awful, he's got goopy eyes, a fever, runny nose, the works! So we took him to urgent care today and the amazing dr actually gave us a prescription!! Do you know how many times I have taken my kids in with horrible coughs or colds and we get no help?! So many times that now I wait until they are this bad so we for sure get a prescription. Almost every time they just say it's viral, buy something over the counter that'll be $150, thanks. Then I take them back a few days later and they're like oh yeah, that is bad! Another $150 and a few days wasted that should have been treated with an antibiotic! Ugh! I hate that! So I was thrilled he gave Rafe a prescription. 
We get home and about an hour later I notice Damon had a goopy eye. GREAT!! Then he spikes a fever. I get them in the tub and let them play for a bit in some lukewarm water to see if it'll help because they both felt so miserable they were crying. I didn't have the prescription yet because I guess this Walgreens takes like 10 hours to fill three things. They finally calmed down and said they wanted pancakes for dinner. So I work up the energy to make some pancakes and their favorite blueberry bread. They ate two bites and laid down and were asleep within five minutes. We woke them up for their eye drops and some more medicine then tucked them in bed. Rafe took his eye drops like a champ, Damon took 30 minutes of coaxing and he still freaked out when I gave them to him. They both are miserable and being pregnant and the sickest I have been in probably the whole 6 years we have been married is pretty dang exhausting. I just can't believe this all hit and has escalated to this within the last week. It doesn't help that the air quality is HORRIBLE right now!! I'm sure that's playing a big part to our chest colds. I'm seriously coughing so hard I'm either gagging at the end or almost peeing my pants. Yeah. You're welcome for that.
The only thing helping is my sweet husband and me replaying sweet honey brown in my head..... "Lord Jesus there's a fire!" And "I got bronchitis! Ain't no body got time for that!" Too true sweet honey brown, too true......
So basically what I'm saying is feel bad for this ol pregnant girl and my sick kids, and for sure my husband who probably wants to run away right about now. And if anyone could wipe Jared fogle, josh dugger, Kylie Jenner and her long lost mother Caitlyn Jenner, and bill Cosby off the earth that'd be great. Or we could ship them all to their own island together so they can all be weird perverts together that works too......