Monday, March 21, 2016


So I just realized that I haven't shared Jag's birth story. It's over on my Mom blog if you want to read it.
I think I'll do a post about the recovery and all that a little later. I always like going back and re reading those. It's crazy how much you forget. I know I've already forgot so much in the last 5 months.
Where is the time going? My baby is already getting so big! He's rolling around and jumping all day in his jumper. I just gave him bananas for the first time last night. He devoured them! He loved them and just kept going and going! I couldn't believe it. He reminds me so much of Damon. He has so many similar mannerisms and just little things that take me back almost 6 years ago when I had Damon (That's a whole post in itself ;( Why is Damon getting so old!). Jag is so sweet. He has a little milk allergy so Momma is trying her hardest to stay away from pizza, ice cream, and milk related and it's been a little hard. But I have been surprisingly good about it. In the beginning I would eat something thinking I was safe, then he would be miserable, and so I try to be really good so he's not in any pain. It breaks my heart and makes me feel so bad when he's sick because of something I ate.
He started rolling about 4 1/2 months. I was starting to panic a little thinking oh crap, he's never going to learn how to crawl or move unless I put him down! So I tried to be good about him getting tummy time and before I knew it he was rolling. Which is bitter sweet. I really love re living all these moments and hitting these milestones. But then when I look at how big my other boys are, it makes  me sad to think how fast it all goes! So I am soaking it all in and loving every stage.
He's sleeping so much better the last few weeks. He wakes up and i'll give him his binky and he usually goes right back to sleep. Some nights he only wakes up once. If I'm feeling a little too full, i'll nurse him in the middle of the night. But I really love it when he just sleeps and sleeps! It is amazing how much better I feel with uninterrupted sleep! haha imagine that! He really was the worst sleeper for the first.....maybe 3 months. He would stay up until about 2  then be up every 2 hours after that. It's slowly gotten better and I'm so glad!
3 kids has been kicking my butt! Seriously it's been so hard..... if we're going to talk about this, let's just dive right in.
I don't think I've ever really had Postpartum depression. But I definitely have cases of extreme mommy guilt. I never feel like I am doing enough. Or days when I'm on top of things with the house, I feel like i'm neglecting the kids. The kids only seem happy if I take them wherever they want, or give them whatever they want. it's never enough. Everrrrrrrrrr. and somedays I'm so overwhelmed and just feel like i'm such a crappy mom. Dan's great at talking me through it and reassuring me the kids are fine and I'm not royally screwing them up. hahaha but seriously I have no idea how to be a parent, and what I think is good parenting most of the time comes back and blows up in my face.
Like that time I told Rafe that whenever he was mean to Damon, Damon got to do it back to him.
So if Rafe punches Damon in the face, Damon gets to punch him in the face back. (extreme example that's actually never happened but you get the idea)..........
horrible idea.
don't do that.
Rafe was just becoming such a bully but now all I hear is I get to do it to you now!!!
The boys for the most part play great together and are just little buddies. But when they are mad at each other it gets crazy fast.
I'm dreading when they are older and their fights get really crazy. My brothers were seriously insane and if my boys act like my brothers did.....they might find themselves at some type of a boot camp.
Anyways, back to Jag.
I'm not really the mom with the set schedule or strict routines. When he's tired, he sleeps. When he's hungry he eats. it's the best thing for our lifestyle. I know most people swear by having a schedule. But whenever I try, it just never turns out as well as I'd like. And he's so happy that I don't think I really need to restrict anything with him. He's a pretty happy baby and is just content to hang out and let his brothers maul him. He's been sick a little bit. Just a cold with a nasty cough which I HATE! But it's finally clearing up. Hopefully for good. I hate worrying about his little tiny body and those dang coughs. I swear EVERY time we go to church we come home sick. Then we all get it and are out for like 2 weeks while it just takes turns going through each of us. We have been so sick this winter. I swear our house is cursed. Whenever someone comes to visit, they leave sick.
But spring is finally here....hopefully! The weather has been so nice and I am loving letting the boys out to play! However all the neighbor kids that have been over are driving me a little batty. that's for another post.