Friday, December 23, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the year!!!

Except for when you have to go face the crowds! Ugh, nothing brings out my inner grinchness faster than the crowds and inconsiderate people!
Tomorrow morning, we get to talk to Colby! I'm so excited. I've really been missing him lately. We've always been close and it just won't feel the same without him here. But he is loving his mission and he is grown up so much! It's so great to see that amazing transformation. I look up to him so much!
Damon is getting spoiled for Christmas! Not just by Dan and I, but by the Grandparents. We got a whole box of gifts from Dan's family, and I know there's something waiting for him at my parents house. It's so hard not to want to give him cool toys and clothes because he is just such a sweet kid! He has been so great lately! He's always been great, but lately he has just been awesome. No fits, no melt downs, he sleeps great, eats great, and is happy 99% of the time. I love it. It makes it so much easier on me during the day when he's happy and takes long naps. It makes me think I can actually handle having 2 little boys. Some days I doubt that I can, but I really couldn't ask for a better little boy to set the example.
I'm so excited for Dan to open my presents that I got him. He spoils me rotten all the time and I always feel like I need to spoil him more. So I got him some pretty cool stuff and I really hope he likes it! He is great to me, and I have a feeling that he's still going to win in this spoiling game;) I figure next year it will be about the boys, so we might as well take advantage while we can right?!
I love the Christmas season so much. I wish it would snow on Christmas sooooo bad. That would just be the cherry on top. The forecast says it won't, so that kinda sucks. But its Idaho....and who really knows how the weather will be.
I hope you are all having lots of family time this weekend and getting in the Christmas spirit!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life is pretty funny

Lately there have been some funny things happening at this Morley house. So I thought I'd share with you all;) Please don't judge us for our stupidity or how we react in random situations.

We have a Christmas wreath on our front door, and there is a bird who thinks he wants to live there. Whenever I open the door he goes flying out and it scares the crap out of me. Every. Time.
The other night I went to our backyard to plug in the Christmas lights in the back, and Dan went to plug in the ones in the front. I was kinda scared because it was really dark and I'm a pansy like that. So I'm trying to hurry and plug in the stupid things but it's too dark and I couldn't see so i was getting more freaked out. Then I hear Dan....
"Babe.....babe....come here!"
His tone was a little panic'd so I run inside (with my huge 33 week pregnant body, I'm sure I looked hilarious. and I may have pulled a muscle...or two...) and Dan says,
"That bird flew in our house!"
 Me "NO way, are you kidding?! Where is it?"
That stupid bird was up on our planter shelf just kickin it like he owned the place.
We have a little movie of it, and I'll try to put it on here because seriously, we are idiots. We didn't know how to get that dang thing out of the house. And I am afraid of any type of animal! So I was scared and Damon was scared and Dan was trying to be Steve Irwin and gently get it out.... but yeah, that didn't happen.  It just flew around our house for 45 minutes while we were trying to get it to go out of one of the doors!
LONG story short. Dan knocked it out trying to trap it in a pot.....we put it outside....and a cat may or may not have came and ate it about 3 minutes later. Circle of life. I don't feel bad about it. That dang bird probably pooped on my planter shelf and how often do you think I clean those?! exactly. And if you feel bad for the bird, don't. Feel bad for Damon. He was super freaked out. Probably because his mom was freaking out. AND there's another bird that has already taken it's place on our wreath.....He better think twice before entering this house. Next time I'm just getting a bb gun and shooting the dang thing.

Here's another one for you!
Damon likes to take showers in the morning with me. So i stripped him down and he ran around butt naked for a few minutes like always. When we got out of the shower, I thought I smelled I searched around and was looking and looking and couldn't find anything. So I assumed there was nothing and my nose was just being crazy.
Fast forward 3 days later. Dan's getting ready for work. He's in the closet and all I hear is,
"Ohhh my gosh. SICK!!" I sat up in bed. and I knew exactly what he was looking at.
It was just a tiny little piece, and it was hidden back behind the clothes in the closet. I laughed forever! And Dan gagged, especially when I told him it was a few days old.
Oh the joys of being parents!! haha I hope that wasn't TMI, but it was soooo funny!

OK here's the last one, not as funny but it's close.
My skin has been sooooo dry! It itches and is flaky and no amount of lotion is doing the trick. So last night I got out of the shower and started searching around for a nice lotion. I didn't want anything too scented or sparkly because I was just crawling in bed. So I found this Dove lotion that I bought for Damon because his skin is really sensitive and gets really dry. I hated this lotion because it smelled horrible and it took forever to rub into your skin!
Well I found out why after I rubbed my whole body down with it.
It's BODY WASH! Freak, are you kidding me? Do you know how hard it is to put lotion on your legs when you're pregnant?! I was so mad, but couldn't help but laugh as I climbed back into the shower. NO wonder it stinks like soap. No wonder you have to rub the crap out of it to get it into your skin. Sheesh.

On the plus side, my man is taking me out for a hot date tonight! We are going to see Mat Kearny at the knitting factory. I'm pretty stoked! Mostly because I don't have to stand the whole time because Mr. Morley spend a little extra to get us a VIP booth. Sooo nice of him!

Hope you're having a good day and don't have any birds fly in your house, find poop in your closet, or rub body wash all over yourself!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's my Birthday!!

You know when you're little and you get so excited for your birthday? You count down the days, tell all your friends, and get all giddy the night before. I kinda miss that feeling. I think this year I've been the least excited for my birthday. I didn't even know what day it was on until I looked at the calender. Sad. I know.
I have an amazing husband! He has shaken me out of this birthday Grinchness, and has made my day so great! He really is the sweetest!

Let me tell you a little story about this Morley couple....
We are HORRIBLE about surprises. We both get sooo excited that we always end up giving each other at least one gift before our actual birthday. We shop at the last minute, because we know if we try to keep it hidden, we will eventually give in and give it to each other! haha

So Dan went shopping last night after work. I tried to tell him it was OK to save everything for my actual birthday, but I really really wanted to open a present. And he knew it. So he came back with my first gift.

I've had my eye on these victoria's secret jammies that are perfect for mommies. And guess what my present was?!

So cute!!
Even though I can't really button up the top, the bottoms are still super comfy!
This morning I woke up to 22 kisses;) One of my favorite birthday traditions! Damon came into bed and we cuddled for a good 10 minutes. A perfect way to start the day! Then, more presents!!
I got the warmest blanket! It's soooo soft! My favorite blanket is getting worn down and kinda nasty, and it's only made for one person. So Dan got me an amazing blanket that's big enough for both of us and two little boys;)
He also bought me some sweet socks! I hardly ever wear sock. I'm a flip flop or flat kinda girl. But I'm so cold all the time and all my socks are super old and raggedy. So he bought me some thick warm socks and I've been wearing them all day, and they are amazing. I feel lied to my whole life! I never knew such amazing socks existed!
OK. Here's the big one. I LOVE THIS PRESENT!!
Oh my goodness. I have wanted a cute white watch for a while now, and this one takes the cake for any one that I have seen! It is seriously the most beautiful thing! Isn't my husband the best?!

I feel like I'm having one of those, "my life is amazing" moments that when people post stuff like this I wanna I'm sorry if I'm making some of you gag! I was just so excited! It's been a great birthday! My husband has spoiled me rotten and made it such a great day!
Ok one more thing then I'll shut up, I swear!
My amazing parents took me out to lunch today and gave me one of these bad boys!

Why yes, yes that is a babyliss flat iron....
Ok Ladies, if you have curly hair or even wavy hair, this is THE BEST straightener ever! Words cannot describe how awesome it is! One pass over my hair and it's super flat. It doesn't pull my hair out, and it stays straight all day. No frizz! Oh man. AMAZING! If you don't have one, put it on your Christmas List! You won't be dissapointed!

Here's to being 22! Being married to a wonderful man who I love more than anything! Having a sweet little boy and one on the way who I love just as much! Life is great!