Friday, December 23, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the year!!!

Except for when you have to go face the crowds! Ugh, nothing brings out my inner grinchness faster than the crowds and inconsiderate people!
Tomorrow morning, we get to talk to Colby! I'm so excited. I've really been missing him lately. We've always been close and it just won't feel the same without him here. But he is loving his mission and he is grown up so much! It's so great to see that amazing transformation. I look up to him so much!
Damon is getting spoiled for Christmas! Not just by Dan and I, but by the Grandparents. We got a whole box of gifts from Dan's family, and I know there's something waiting for him at my parents house. It's so hard not to want to give him cool toys and clothes because he is just such a sweet kid! He has been so great lately! He's always been great, but lately he has just been awesome. No fits, no melt downs, he sleeps great, eats great, and is happy 99% of the time. I love it. It makes it so much easier on me during the day when he's happy and takes long naps. It makes me think I can actually handle having 2 little boys. Some days I doubt that I can, but I really couldn't ask for a better little boy to set the example.
I'm so excited for Dan to open my presents that I got him. He spoils me rotten all the time and I always feel like I need to spoil him more. So I got him some pretty cool stuff and I really hope he likes it! He is great to me, and I have a feeling that he's still going to win in this spoiling game;) I figure next year it will be about the boys, so we might as well take advantage while we can right?!
I love the Christmas season so much. I wish it would snow on Christmas sooooo bad. That would just be the cherry on top. The forecast says it won't, so that kinda sucks. But its Idaho....and who really knows how the weather will be.
I hope you are all having lots of family time this weekend and getting in the Christmas spirit!

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