Friday, July 11, 2014

Damon's 4th Birthday and beginning of Summer!

For Damon's 4th bday we went to wahooz and let him play some games and ride the go carts. Then on his actual bday we went to the zoo where he whined the whole time until we got to the play area. Haha 4 year olds, man! Damon is such a sweet kid. He loves playing with rafe and is a sweet brother- most of the time. They've started to wrestle a lot with each other. The main issue we have is over cars and trucks and the kindle! They always want to play with what the other one has. Damon is very sensitive to other people and their emotions. He picks up on everything and is always sweet when someone is sad. It's probably one of the sweetest traits he has and it's so sweet to watch him develop and grow into a kind, smart, energetic, loving little boy!

His cake that was sooo yummy!!
My sweet baby niece, Harlow
The boys going down the slide
Beth, her bf David and the boys
I miss my peonies
Beth was here for her bday,  so we partied!!!
Our first pick from the strawberry plants in the backyard

This summer is already going by too fast. The weather had been great so we've been spending a lot if days outside in our little pool and slip and slide.

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