Friday, July 10, 2015

Life Lately

I've been meaning to get on here and update my blog for quite a while now, but have just not gotten around to it! I just re read my last post and oh my goodness. Lots has happened since then. Some good some bad.
So let's start with me "starting my bachelors" yeah that lasted a week. The MAIN reason I was going back to school was to get insurance, to get pell grant/student loans, and then of course for the degree. Well to get all my pell grant money I had to take a full semester, 12 credits. I ended up signing up for 13 because I have done online and thought I could handle it. The boys are older and easier to handle most days, but that first week killed me! There is a huge difference between 13 credits for your associates and bachelors. Don't get me wrong, it's all hard but the busy work and the reading was insane!!! I was staying up until 4 am almost every night and spending all my spare time on my classes and totally neglecting the boys to get my school work done. I'm not ready for that life. Damon is going into kindergarten and Rafe preschool this fall. I only get them for so long before they are in school and I didn't want to put that time with them to the side to do my school. The thing that really made me throw in the towel is they stopped offering insurance to online students. So forget that I'm done. Haha I don't quit many things but that was one I just am not putting my time toward right now.
Second, dans job. Oh man. The saga continues! So Jennifer turned out to be a crazy short adventure. It seemed so good and so promising yet all fell to crap within a few short months. She had some personal issues that affected her business and her funds so cloud nine disappeared real fast. And where did we land? Back at square one. Back to job hunting and dead ends and back to stressing about finances and being stuck in a huge rut we just couldn't seem to dig ourselves out of! Luckily we were still living with my parents and had some money to get us by for a few months. So after about 2 more months of job hunting and no success, Dan made a call to one of his long time family friends to ask for advice. That phone call ended up turning into a job. Now remember how bitter and cynical I have turned through the last two years. When Dan came to me all excited about this potential job I thought yeah right! No way it's that easy! So we came down to Idaho falls and he interviewed for the job and met with the CEO and they offered him the job! I picked dan up after the interview and was on the phone with our insurance and I was trying to read his face while I'm talking on the phone and I just was not getting a good vibe. So once I was finally off the phone dan starts telling me how it went and it sounded good but he didn't make it seem like he nailed it. and then he says, so yeah, I got the job! I pulled the car to the side of the road and just started crying. This was what we have been searching for and praying for. It's a normal corporate job, he is doing something he's passionate about and enjoys, and my favorite..... We get a little normalcy to our life again. After everything fell through with Jennifer we both agreed this whole working for yourself stuff is way too hard to start up right now. We gave it a good run and everything we had in us. It was time to go back to reality and stability. And this job has been a huge answer to our prayers.
So now we are in Idaho falls, in a cute little rental with ALL of our stuff and we couldn't be happier. The other day I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch and I started crying because I'm just so happy to finally be settled somewhere with a good job and a normal life. Of course there are still stresses and little things that come up, but nothing like what we were dealing with before! It's just nice to have a routine and schedule and a steady income. Dans job can be really stressful but we both agree it's nothing we can't handle. What we have been through has made us realize how strong we are as a team and how much we can handle. It makes me appreciate the small things so much more and just the simple ness of daily life with my crazy boys. I love cooking dinner for my family every night. I love cleaning and organizing and making this rental our new home. Our boys are so happy and have handled everything so well and I think they can just sense that mom and dad have taken a deep breath and calmed down about life. I know nothing is easy and nothing stays the same for long, but I'm learning to really enjoy the times when things are good and to look forward to growing and changing as life happens. 

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