Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Update!

This week has been nuts! If you don't know, I'm taking 14 credits online right now and basically.....I want to shoot myself somedays! It's so much busy work! Each class has anywhere from 30-50 pages of reading per week. Most of the time I feel like I'm not learning anything because it's just reading and quizzes. It's like in high school when you have those lazy teachers who don't teach, they just say read these pages then we're going to have a quiz after. But instead of 10 pages, it's 50. The quiz's are open book which makes it even more ridiculous. We have group and class meetings each week which is so awkward. The class meetings are just the teacher on their web cam talking to us. I feel like a lot of my teachers don't even know what they're doing. They look just a few years older than me and they seem like they're making it up as they go along. It's been a frustrating semester to say the least. And I'm only 5 weeks out of 12 into it, so that's super great too.....
It's been hard to do homework when I have my sweet baby crying at me knees wanting me to come play with him. But I've worked out a schedule where I stay up late and do my homework at night. This way I still get to play with Damon baby during the day and  do my homework with no distractions. I also usually go out to my parents house once a week if I need to and they watch him while I do homework. When they say 3 hours a week per credit, they aren't kidding. All frustration aside, when I get that little piece of paper that says I have a degree, I will be so happy! I'm going to blow it up huge and put it on the side of my house. 
On a lighter note, we are going to start painting our house! It's about time! We've been waiting for it to warm up a little bit, and it seems like it finally has! Except for today of course, it's been really rainy. (which I secretly LOVE) We are just going to paint some soft warm tones. We've waited to hang things on the walls so we could paint so our house still looks pretty bare. So I'm excited to get that going!
Damon is out and Grandma and Grandpa's house for the night. Dan and I are going on a date with our good friends Nate and Courtney. We are going to Sushi and a movie. I'm excited! We always have a good time with them! I do miss Damon though. It's weird not having him in the house right now. He's just the sweetest little guy and I feel bad because today I've been neglecting him pretty bad. I had to catch up on some homework for a few hours and he was pretty good about keeping himself occupied except for the last hour. Then my Dad came to pick him up and I didn't really get to play with him. But I know he's going to get alllllll the love he needs at my parents house. 
Well I think that's about all the rambling I have for today!! Next time I'll try to make my post a little more fun;)

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  1. We had fun with you guys, let's play again soon! I think you are amazing going to school and being a mom, I am definitely not that brave! Way to go girly, you can do it!!