Friday, September 2, 2011

High Adventure/Silver City

The month of August flew by for us! Dan is in scouts and went on a high adventure for a week. I went out and stayed in Melba while he was away. I hate sleeping alone, and always freak out about every little noise that I hear. So Dan was having quite the adventure up in White Cloud with his scouts, and I was basically on vacation in Melba. It's nice to go out there because there are lots of other hands that want to take Damon and play with him. I took lots of naps and lounged around. It was great, but I sure missed my hubby! We have never been apart for more than maybe 3 days since we met. So going a whole week, with no cell phones or anything, was hard! I was soooo happy when he called me Friday night and said they were on their way home. I wasn't expecting him until Saturday, so it was a nice surprise. He was pretty beat up when he got home and had lots of stories to tell;) But it sounds like they had fun!
The Group

Throwing knives!
So Dan came home on Friday and left the following Thursday for NYC for business. He was only gone until Sunday, and we could talk on the phone, so it wasn't as bad. Damon and I took a little day trip to Silver City with my family. My oldest brother Derrek is working in North Dakota for  a few months and came home for the weekend. We decided to go up and have lunch and look around then come back. It was a fun trip. We found a little camping spot along a creek and had lunch. Damon of course had to go in the water! So we took off his clothes and let him go skinny dipping;) He looooved it! He also loved all the dirt, rocks, and sticks and had to taste them all;) He is definitely all boy!! He is so much fun, I can't ever get enough of him. Here's some pics;)
Eating chips in his sweet chair!

Just tasting the dirt....with a stick
Exploring with Grandpa

You talkin' to me?
He loved the water! And it was warm!

I LOVE this picture so much! This is who he is. So sweet and happy!

Mommmmm! Enough pictures!


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