Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Little Update!

Well not much has really been going on around here lately, so I always feel like I have nothing to blog about! SO I'll just tell you a little bit about what we've been up to lately.

The summer feels like it's coming to a close and we have been taking advantage of that and have been hanging out with friends! We love getting together with all our friends and just hanging out. Dan and I are pretty laid back, and so are our friends, so we just sit around and talk to go to dinner or something. It keeps us busy and has been making the weeks fly by! A LOT of my girlfriends are pregnant right now, and if you've ever been preg you know that you can talk about it all the time! So I'm definitely getting my fill in and I love it! Alot of them are going to be first time mom's and I love hearing what they are experiences and being able to relate! I'm so excited for all these little babies to be born!! Being a Mom is probably the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I love Damon so much and I honestly wonder how I'm going to love my next baby as much. I know that I will, but sometimes it just seems impossible to have any more love left! Speaking of Damon....

He is turning in to quite the little toddler. He loves to jabber all day and climb up onto EVERYTHING! He's a little explorer. He is definitely not one of those kids who will walk away from you in wal-mart and then panic and come try to find you. He loves to see new things and be out and about. He loves to be outside, he loves playing with other kids, and he loooves rocks! He's getting so smart. He amazes me everyday with the things he learns.  He can say but, what, dad, wow, ow, "buuu" for ball, and he says it for dog too because my parents dog is named butch, so he calls dogs buu. He has almost a full set of teeth. Just waiting on those last 3 eye teeth to pop through! Those are the worst! He is turned into a fantastic sleeper!! I'm so glad! He was not the greatest at that when he was a baby, but now it's amazing! He is so sweet and we just can't get enough of him!

As far as Dan and I are doing, we are great! Dan is enjoying his job, I'm enjoying being pregnant, and we are just living the dream!! We used to stay up late in NYC and talk for hours about what we wanted our life to be like in the next 5 years. It's amazing how fast things have happened and where we are now compared to just 2 years ago. We love having our house and are looking forward to spending the holidays in it and decorating everything all festive! We love being parents to the sweetest boy, and soon 2 boys, ever! And most of all, we love eachother! Dan is my best friend and I couldn't ask for a better husband. He takes such good care of our family and sacrifices so much so I can stay home and raise our boys! I love him to pieces! Life is great, and I hope yours is too!!

If you want to read my little blurb about this pregnancy go here!

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