Thursday, September 6, 2012

September already?!

Hello friends and family! I figured it was time for an update! Even though there's not a whole lot going on in our lives at the moment;)
THE MR. and MRS.
(Sorry, no pictures of us! We hardly ever take pic's of just the two of us anymore! The boys are way cuter;))
Dan and I are doing good. He is getting his tonsils taken out on Tuesday and I'm getting them taken out on the 25th of this month. We had a Dr. apt this morning to go over the procedure and healing time and all that jazz. It freaked both of us out. I always thought this was no big deal, but they make it sound like it's going to hurt for 2 weeks and it's making me a little nervous. Not to mention the looks we get when the staff members find out that the "mom and dad" are getting the the same month. Yeah. Maybe not so smart. But we need it done and just want to get it over with. There's a good gap between the we are hoping it'll be ok. Pray for us. hahaha and our kids! Mostly I'm looking forward to the drugs. And ice cream.  Seriously. I love drugs.  I can totally see how people get addicted to those. hahaha now don't go thinking i'm going to go and OD on my liquid pain killers. I just love the fact that modern medicine is so available to us and it will help us get through this with some sanity...and a little loopiness;) We are looking forward to the holidays coming up! Dan's sisters are now on the West coast, so we are planning Thanksgiving with them at our house. We are super excited for that. And there's Halloween coming up and we are taking Damon trick or treating this year. We are thinking we are going to be a little baseball team....It should be cute. We'll see. I'm not that creative;) And don't even get me started on how excited we are for Christmas! We love decking our house out and buying stuff for the boys! We are so excited for the next few months. We have started a little side business that is doing really well. Hopefully it can continue! We would love for it to turn into a full time thing where we can work together.

Damon is doing great! He's growing up so fast, I can't even believe it. He's getting so good at talking and I actually can understand what he wants. He says the funniest things and just has the best personality. I'm probably a little biased. But who doesn't love a kid that already blames his farts on his little brother?! Or his Dad;) I wonder where he learned that??? He is pretty sweet to Rafe still. He has his moments when he gets a little too excited around him and will crawl on top of him or "share" his toys with Rafe's head. But he is usually instantly sorry and is quick to give hugs and say sorry. He does spend some time in time-out. But he never minds going into time out because I think he knows when he's done something wrong. He always says "Ok mom." and goes right into timeout and comes out after a minute and says sorry for whatever he did. So I'm glad that's going smoothly, because it was a little rough in the beginning.

Rafe is such a chill kid. I can't even really call him a baby anymore I feel like! He's 8 months old today. He eats like a champ, sleeps great (except for when he's teething), and rolls and scoots all over the place. He's content to just sit on the floor and play with toys. He's not really crawling or anything, which I thought he would be by now, but I'm totally fine with that. I love the snuggles and him just being fine with sitting on my lap. He has two top teeth and is getting two bottom teeth right now. They are almost through the gums, so I can't wait for that because his sleeping has been horrible lately. Last night was a little better, but I'm ready for it to go back to what it was! He's just a happy little boy and he loves his brother so much.

 My favorite thing is when Damon and Rafe just sit and stare and laugh at each other. It's so cute! It makes my heart melt. They are already little buddies, and I can't wait to see how they grow closer (hopefully!) over the years. I'm excited for when they can play together, and ride bikes, and have bunk beds and stay up talking, and build forts, and go camping and fishing and all that other boy stuff! I love being a mom to Boys. It makes me not want girls;) haha I just know boys better now and having a girl seems like a whole different emotional, crying, dramatic world! I thought I was a little crazy, and so did a lot of other people, for having my boys so close together. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Some times it's a little crazy, but I love it! They keep me busy for sure!

On another note, I'm loving this weather. I'm so ready for it to cool down so we can spend more time outside. I know that seems little opposite....but I hate it when it's super hot. Unless i'm by a beach or pool or something. Not to mention my wardrobe is way cuter in the fall haha, that's the main reason I love cooler weather.
soo cute!
So pretty! Perfect for fall/winter!
also, I'm debating cutting my hair. I colored it a little lighter than normal and I kind of want a shorter length. It seems like it's always in braids or buns because it's too long I don't want to mess with it. and when i wear it curly, it's so hot and out of control. I've never had my hair this long. and I like it....but it's almost too much for me.I like this length. Thoughts?
Peekabooda - Vintage Sunglasses
Long Layers
Long layers

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