Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A little update!

I just realized it's been a good 5 months since my last blog post. Holy cow. A lot has changed since then.
So about a month after the boys and I moved to Texas, Dan told me that his job wasn't going great and it probably wasn't going to last. It was pretty  much exactly what we were hoping wasn't going to happen.He started reaching out to some people he had already been talking to about possible job opportunities. We got the one we were hoping for and it was same pay, part time, and he could work from home!
So when we found that out, we packed out stuff up, shoved it in storage, and drove back to Idaho. We've been staying with my parents, and just found a rental place that's perfect for us. We've been here for 3 months, and I am missing all our stuff! Dan and I are flying back to Texas tomorrow to pack it all up and drive it back. yeah. You could say it's going to be a long 4-5 days. I've been dreading it, but am SO excited to get into our own place again, with all our stuff, and hopefully some stability for a while. And we are spending Saturday in vegas....so hopefully I get lucky at the black jack tables!!!
This year has been so hard and has challenged us in pretty much every way. I'm so glad things are starting to settle down. Dan has a lot of good things going for him and a few side projects that we are so excited about! Things seem to be looking up after a long year of living in limbo and having no real direction. Last year I remember writing a blog post about how ready I was for 2013.....thinking 2012 was bad. Well holy crap. I think I jinxed myself. I am SO ready for a fresh start, a new house, and a new perspective!
I just turned 24 on Sunday and had such a good birthday!
Dan took me out on Saturday and I had a little shopping spree. The thing I love about my birthday is that it's so close to black Friday so I still get a lot of the great deals! I got some "big girl" makeup, as I like to call it. some MAC and Sephora stuff. I got a new purse...or two and a new pair of shoes....or two. We went to Dave and Busters for Dinner and had a blast! We love that place! Then we went to see Catching Fire. SO good. Then we did some more shopping and headed home around 1. Then on my actual bday, we had a family dinner and cake and ice cream and all that good stuff. It was a good Birthday!
A little update on the boys- They are doing pretty good! They have had a lot of change this year from everything I mentioned above! It's so hard on them to adjust and re adjust to things, but they have done really well considering how crazy life has been. Damon is pretty sweet most of the time. He loves anything that has to do with cars and trucks and trains. He plays well with Rafe and makes friends wherever we go. He surprises me every day with how much he knows and how smart he is. He's just a little sponge that soaks up everything. He is really excited about Christmas and asks every day if Santa is coming. Especially if he sees snow or Christmas lights. I'm SO excited for Christmas this year because he knows a little more about everything.
Rafe has got such a fun personality! He is no longer a little baby, he's a full blown toddler which is crazy to me! He will be 2 in a month and is learning to speak so well! Every day he's a little clearer in his words, which makes things a lot easier for me! He's a tough kid, and loves to tackle Damon and wrestle. He's also hitting, and biting, and pulling hair.....which isn't my favorite. But he thinks it's pretty fun. He's got the best face expressions and is just such a goof ball all the time!

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