Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am ready!

I have pretty easy pregnancies, I shouldn't really complain, but I am so ready to be done. 33 weeks down, 7 to go!
I'm ready to be myself again!
I'm ready to look in the mirror and recognize my own body!
I'm ready to see my toes!
I'm ready to stop having to go pee every 30 minutes!
I'm ready to be out of maternity clothes. So ugly!
I'm ready to feel sexy for my husband again!
I'm ready to shave my legs on a regular basis and paint my own toe nails!
I'm ready to be able to climb the stairs without breathing like I ran a marathon!
I'm ready for Damon to be able to cuddle with me and sit on my lap!
I'm ready to give my husband a great big bear hug without the beach ball in the way!
I'm ready to kiss heartburn GOODBYE!!

But most of all, I'm just ready to hold my sweet boy and kiss his cheeks. I'm ready to be a Mommy of two sweet little boys (I think;)). I'm ready to be a family of 4. I'm ready to dress up my baby in his cute clothes and put baby lotion on him all the time! And spike his hair! And believe it or not, be up at night time with him and cuddle with him and to just love the heck out of him! I'm excited to see how Damon reacts to another baby in the house. He's so sweet to baby's and is such a gentle little guy.  I just love being a Mom so much, and I have enjoyed being pregnant....but you hit a point where you just want that baby here! I've hit that point. Maybe tomorrow I'll be different, but I doubt it;)


  1. I can agree 100 percent on everything you just said. Being pregnant is an amazing thing but I can't wait o feel like my old self again and be abl o roll over in bed without feeling like I need a crane to lift me..

  2. hahaha seriously!! I hate that! It wakes you up completely when you have to roll over! You are so close now! We are going to have to exchange advice! 2 little boys is going to be fun, but a handful i'm sure!

  3. Happy birthday!! Looks like it turned out to be a great day :)