Thursday, May 24, 2012

Damon turns 2!!!

Say hello to the happiest 2 year old around!

                  He really was happy on his birthday, but there also was quite a few tears too. "Terrible Two's" is no joke folks, and it doesn't miss a beat;)
           For Damon's birthday we celebrated in Melba with my family. It was so much fun to get everyone together to celebrate Damon's special day. He is such a sweet little boy and has brought more happiness into my life than I ever thought possible! Here's some pic's of the birthday boy!

Oh my gosh I love this picture.  Damon loves his dump truck!

Well, he's a little cleaner than he was last year!

LOVE this little man!

He got lots of new cars for his birthday. They are his FAVORITE thing. He lines them up like this all the time. These are only about half of his cars. He has to have at least 3 or 4 with him everywhere we go. 

My whole life I knew I wanted to be a Mom, what I didn't know was how soon it would happen for me and how quickly the time goes! It is so much fun seeing Damon grow and change and go through different phases of his life. He is so much fun, and I'm so lucky to be his Momma. He has hit a bit of a rough patch, but he has plenty of sweet moments that make up for the hard times. He absolutely adores Rafe and always wants to be next to him and hug and kiss him. When he's sad, he wants Rafe, when Rafe's sad, Damon can always make him smile. He's so sweet to him, I just hope it lasts! 
Damon is such a jabber box. He just rambles all day and he has a little lisp that is the CUTEST thing! He's learning new words every day and is getting great at communicating with me what he wants. He's starting to love books and wants us to read to him before bedtime, which I LOVE.  He loves to go outside and could seriously play out doors all day long. His favorite movies are Cars, Despicable Me, Tarzan, and Toy Story. He also loves loves loves Mickey Mouse.
Damon is such a sweet little boy and he makes us laugh so hard every day. He does the funniest things. He has a great fake laugh and hilarious face expressions to go along with it. I don't know what I would do without my boys! Here's a few pics of little Rafey too!

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