Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where it all began!

Last week was crazy and this week seems to be starting off the same way! That's life with 2 little boys though right;) I love it, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
It seems like when you take a big trip, it takes forever to get back to your routine and get the kids back on their schedules. Not to mention they always pick up sickness about 2 weeks after the trip, so once you think you're getting everything figured out, that hits and you go back a few steps. I think we are over the worst of all our sicknesses and Rafe is feeling better since his tongue was clipped. So it's the perfect time to take another trip, right?!
This time it's just Dan and I, and we are going back to "where it all began!" AKA Rexburg! Not the most exciting place to go, but for us it holds a lot of great memories and takes us back to being the carefree couple we used to be;) Now that we have 2 kids it's harder to feel carefree, but rexburg always brings it back out. And I love that!
Dan's best friend Matt is graduating so we are ditchin the kids at Grandma and papa's and we are flyin solo. I am so excited! I could use a little break to be quite honest. It's only 2 nights, but it's just enough to really really miss my kids and get some time to myself that I have been really needing lately. And some time with Dan which has been sparse lately as well. Here's some stuff we are planning on doing!
1. Going to our preztel place! When we dated, we always went to this cozy little pretzel place and it has been forever since we have been back. Everytime we go to Rexburg we never have time to fit it in! So we are going first thing this time! One of my favorite dating memories with Dan is in that spot. We had only been dating about a week, and I was so in love with him already I could barely see straight. (Cheesy I know, just wait) I started telling my mom and my bff Victoria if we continued to date, we would get married. I just knew he was perfect for me. So anyways, one tuesday we skipped devo and walked to this place for the first time. We got preztels and sat across this little table and talked for like 2 hours. I just remember the way he looked at me made me blush and made me so giddy. He was the only guy I ever dated who made me feel that way. I just remember after that date I could have married him the next day. I love everything about that guy;) and That is one of my all time favorite memories;) Sorry for the mush;) Next!
2. Walk around the campus! I love BYU- Idaho and the campus is so pretty. Walking around there brings back memories of me being on my own for the first time and feeling so grown up and mature. Its changed a lot since i've been there so it's fun to look at all the new stuff.
3. Book Store- I love the book store and all the cool stuff they sell. I always gotta hit that up since I'm officially now an alumni! I gotta get some gear!
4. BYUI Gardens- Dan and I took so many walks in those gardens! They are so beautiful. I remember walking there one night and we were talking about how many people get engaged there, (secretly I always thought that's where he would propose to me...then he said this) "I'll never do that. Everyone does it). I almost cried. hahah I was always waiting for it when we went there. But he did tell me he loved me for the first time in the gardens. And that is another ALL TIME favorite memory with Dan. I told him I loved him too, and that I knew we were going to get married....and he was ok with that;) And then I told him all the names of our future kids...then he got weirded out. Just kidding, that didn't happen;) I'm not THAT weird! I would never actually tell him that, even though I already had names picked out hahaha jk again. But seriously, that was one of the most romantic moments of my life. SO we are def going back there. That happened a little less than 2 months after we met. Crazy, I know.
5. Visit our old makeout explantion needed there;) But it's gonna be fun!!
6. Go see Dark Night! I'm soooo excited for this!
7. Eat at Wingers! That's where I used to work as a server and had so much fun! That's where I met Tim, who's dan's brother. He was a little young for me, but he had a brother so I gave him my number;) Thankfully! Best decision I ever made! Even though at the time I was dating someone else, but could see it needed to be over. 3 days after that ended, Dan the Man entered and the real love story started.
Writing all this down makes me so excited to go. I love my kids but 2 nights away will be nice. And they will be in good hands so that always makes it easier to leave them. Another thing I love about going to Rexburg is the car ride with Dan. We've been married for a little over 3 years, but we always have so much to talk about! We "wax philosophical" as Dan says, the whole way there, and the whole way back. I'm so glad I'm married to my best friend.
And I'm excited to see Matty C! He and Dan are like brothers when they are together. And he brings out a different side of Dan that's hard to finds sometimes when he's in husband and daddy mode.
Well sorry this post turned out so much longer and mushier than I was planning;) I hope you all have something fun to do this weekend too! Here's some old pic's of us dating just to really finish this off right;)

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  1. You are so cute! I loved reading this post- it reminded me of dating stories with John :) And I hear ya on the bookstore stop! I always have to do that when we go down to the Y.