Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween this year was kind of a disaster. Well it was fun except for the trick-or-treating part;)
Here's why....
Damon did NOT want to put his costume on...

He didn't want to go trick or treating at all. No matter how many times I told him about the candy.

When I finally forced him into his costume he was a little mad, but when he saw the kids coming to the door he got more excited. So we decided to take him out and give it a try......

He didn't say trick or treat, which made me feel bad taking peoples candy. But he did say thank you so that counts right?!

Here's where it got really ugly/funny/sad.

We went to a house and a little girl in a freaky mask and a flash light answered the door and screamed boo at Damon, flashing the light in his face. He was so freaked out he actually crapped his pants. haha No joke. I gave him a hug after it happened and I was like "Oh my gosh, Dan, he literally got the crap scared out of him!"

We tried to get him to go to a few more houses but he just kept saying "NO more scary Daddy! No more!" So we went home, and drowned our sorrows in some pizza and candy.

We put him to bed and put in the last Harry Potter, and about 45 min. later Damon came down and joined us and was so happy and cute we couldn't put him back in his room. I'm glad he didn't have nightmares, and slept like a baby!

It was a halloween to remember! I've never really been a huge fan of halloween, but it's way more fun when you have kids....most of the time;)

 Now I'm just glad it's over and all my decorations are put away and now we can start my favorite holidays! Thanksgiving with famiy, black friday shopping (just as good as a holiday), my birthday, then the best of all....CHRISTMAS!!! I'm so excited!

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  1. Haha,I'm sorry but that is so darn funny. :)(The pooping his pants part). But I love when they get so cuddly & cute when they know they should be in bed.