Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning in November

I feel like lately our life has been a little cluttered. I feel like we have just been in this downward spiral and we can't seem to break out of it. When I say cluttered, I don't mean with objects or papers or junk. It's more like cluttered with drama, and problems that we don't seem to have very much control over. It's starting to drive me insane. Things always seem to blow over, but these few things have been lasting for months. It's put me in a funk. It's put Dan in a funk. 
I'm ready for a change.
I'm ready for something different to come and shake us out of this funk and give me something to look forward to!
I'm ready to give 2012 the finger and all the drama it's brought into our life recently and start new in 2013. LEAVING said drama BEHIND and all the people who BROUGHT it!
So I'm spring cleaning.
I'm cleaning out all the junk from our lives to try and shake this!
and the hardest one of all
I don't want to have negativity in my life, and if that means that I need to start holding people at arms length, or even a little further, then I will. We have two adorable little boys who deserve to have happy healthy parents and good relationships with people who love them. I can't put any more emotion or effort into relationships that are a one way street and a bike path.
So here's to starting my new years resolutions early! Let the "spring cleaning" begin! starting with my new blog design! I feel better already!

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