Friday, January 18, 2013


It has been a while since I've posted, and there's been a lot going on! Unfortunately, My computer is out of hard drive space and I haven't been able to get my hands on an external hard drive, so I have zero pictures to go along with this. I know that you can upload ones from your phone to your posts? (maybe, maybe not?) But I don't know how. So sorry, but there won't be any pics!
Thanksgiving was great! We had Beth, Brynne, and Josh here and we had a blast. We ate lots of yummy food and played lots of Monopoly Deal. If you haven't played that game, start. It's addicting, and super fun. I also cooked my first Turkey! I feel like that's some sort of milestone from wives;) It turned out pretty good, and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I'm not a super great cook, but I do enjoy it once I get into it. If I had more time and money, i'd love to make huge meals every day. But mac n cheese is so much easier. The boys loved spending time with their aunts and new uncle (Congrats Brynne and Josh!), and we are looking forward to spending more time with them since we all live closer together!
My birthday was on Dec. 1. I'm the big 23!!! It's crazy how fast time flies. I always think my boys are getting so big and old.....then it gets to be my birthday and I'm like, wait a minute...... although, sometimes I still feel too young to be a mom of two kids.... and then I watch 16 and pregnant and feel so much better about things. Anyways! back to me! Dan took the kids to my parents and we spent the day together. We went to lunch and he took me on a shopping spree, and we just enjoyed the day together, which was the very best part.
Christmas was great! We went to my parents on Christmas eve and played games and hung out. Colby was skyping with us on Christmas morning at 8 A.M. and I didn't want to rush Christmas morning at our house then drive all the way to Melba that early, so we packed up all our stuff and went out there. We got the boys some cool stuff.....and that was kind of stupid. We always get people telling us not to spend tons of money on the kids when they're this young, but we can't help ourselves. And I scored some super cheap toys and a  sweet coloring desk for Damon months ago. So that plus a few new clothes and shoes and gifts from the grandparents and we had two spoiled boys. We set everything up for Damon to see when he came out Christmas morning. It was awesome...or so we thought. He opened one truck and it was game over. He could have cared less about everything else haha. And Rafe didn't get what was going on, so we just gave him some candy and let him do his thing. Dan and I always go overboard and buy way too much stuff for each other, and we actually ended up returning a bunch of things because we just weren't in love with the gifts or needed them. So why spend the money right?

Ok...this post is too long so we are going to part 2!

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