Friday, January 18, 2013

Update Part 2

New years we played cards at my parents house and Dan and I walked away with $90 so that was awesome. Other than that, it was pretty uneventful.
New years day, Dan's parents and little sister flew in from Florida and we spent a few days with them. Then we drove to Rexburg for Brynne and Josh's reception. It was fun to take a little road trip and be with family. It was Rafe's 1st Birthday on the 6th. We had a party for him on the 7th with Dan's parents and my parents and older bro. Derrek and his gf Cindy. It was a lot of fun. He didn't open his presents or dive into his cupcake.....but the company was awesome. Since we had just got Rafe stuff at Christmas it was hard to think of things for his b day. So he got some new jammies and some more clothes. That kid is huge and is growing like a weed. I pulled out all damons 12-18 month and it's all summer stuff. And it's freezing here, so he needs warm stuff. So I've been trying to get him more warm stuff, then he grows more. He's fully into 18 month and seems more comfy in 24 month. Which Damon still wears a lot of 24 month-3T stuff. So they are already sharing clothes. Rafe is starting to walk more and more. I just need to work with him on it and he will be picking it up so quick. Everytime he tries, he gets tackled by damon, so it's taken a while for him to learn. and I don't really want him to learn......then they really will be partners in crime, and that means more work for me. I'm so selfish haha I know. And it makes him seem so much older, which makes me baby hungry. and I can't have that right now! Ain't nobody got time for dat!
We switched Rafe to a big boy carseat and he loves it! It's so cute to look back and see him staring right at me. I freakin love it. I HATE those little infant carriers, especially when the boys get that big. So I was so glad to get rid of that!
Rafe got his one year Checkup! He's a chubby little guy weighing in at 23 lbs. America's children are huge. That's only average and to me that seems huge. His head is the 93%.....I totally blame Dan for that. Damon's the same way. My kids have huge heads.....and that was not fun for me. He's also in the 92% for height, which is weird. But that always changes as they get older. People always tell me my kids are big...but they are pretty average....except their heads.
Anyways, life around here has been a little crazy. Damon's just getting over a little 24 hr flu, Rafe has had an ear infection, and I'm catching something.
Will someone please tell me I'm not the only one with my Christmas still up?! Such a slacker!

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