Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Damon's in Kindergarten

Damon is LOVING being a big shot kindergartener. I say big shot because he always throws it in Rafe's face that he gets to go to school, and Rafe has to stay at home. Little does he know Rafe gets to do pretty much whatever he wants. He watches the shows he wants, plays with Damon's toys, Rides Damon's bike, get's lunch dates with mom and dad, and Target trips with Mom-which almost always mean something new from the $1 bin.

He's learning so much and I am so glad he has such a great teacher and is soaking it all in. The kid comes home with a new little song for EVERYTHING! Colors, days of the week, and the most random things. I think he sings most of his sentences these days. hahaha but it's working and he knows how to spell colors and the order of the days of the week so now I've found myself putting things to a tune for him if he's struggling with something.

One of my favorite parts of the day is getting him on and off the bus. He gives Rafe and I the biggest hugs and says he loves us, and he's off. Then when he gets home, Rafe usually gets the hug and I get his back pack, shoes, and jacket. He's usually hungry and tired and has quite a few stories to tell about his day. I love hearing all about his day and his friends and all that he's learning.

I emailed his teacher to make sure he's doing ok and that he's not running behind in anything. I told her how I was getting ready to have a baby and just wanted to make sure he's doing ok. Her reply was so sweet. She told me how he is just the sweetest boy and a friend to everyone and that he's right on track. If you know Damon, you know he can get a little distracted so I've been nervous about how he would be at school. So I was so relieved that he's been a good little guy.

I've been loving my one on one time with Rafe. I just let him do whatever he wants and try to make him feel special and like he's got my attention. He loves to cuddle and watch a show or he helps me with little chores around the house. He's just the sweetest quietest kid when Damon isn't around. The two of them together can get a little crazy, but when it's just Rafe he is so quiet. It's weird to me sometimes. He's always such a ball of energy, but sometimes I just think he misses his partner in crime.

Anyways, I sure love these two and how big and independent they are getting. It's going to be quite the adjustment getting back into the newborn stage, but I know they are going to be the best helpers!

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