Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pregnancy Update

This pregnancy is coming to and end and I'm not that sad about it. I usually really enjoy being pregnant and feeling the baby kick and nesting and getting ready for him.....but the last month has just been so stressful. Since I've been diagnosed with Cholestasis I've been on quite a bit of medication and I'm being monitored twice a week. I go in on Mondays usually for a non stress test. I love that part of the week because I can just sit and hear his heart beat and know that he's ok. I can just relax for 20-30 minutes and not worry about anything. Then I usually meet with my Dr for a little bit, then get my blood drawn for more testing. Then on Fridays I get an ultrasound. I love seeing his chubby little face on the monitor. The ultrasound tech usually gives me a few 3D pictures and I love seeing his little face. I don't know exactly how accurate those are, but he definitely has the same mouth and nose as his brothers.

He is measuring big, which is nice. Most babies around 33 weeks weigh a little over 4 lbs, and he was measuring over 6lbs. Again, I don't know how accurate those ultrasounds can be, but I would love for him to be a little bigger since he will be coming about 3-4 weeks early. At my last ultrasound they were measuring my amniotic fluid, and it turns out I have a little more than normal. Which brings along more complications and monitoring. yay!......... my Dr. doesn't seem too worried which is comforting. And it definitely helps explain some of the symptoms I've been having. Hard to catch my breath/breathe when i'm in certain positions, bigger tummy, and contractions. I've been having tons. It's so weird to have had 2 totally healthy pregnancies then get slapped with all this on the third time around. Pregnancy is hard enough as it is, I wish there weren't all these complications.

So the plan is to have the baby on my 37 week mark, which is October 18th. Since I've been on the medication, my bile levels have dropped and my liver levels have kind of evened out so they think the baby will be safe in there until then. If there's any spike in those levels then I will have him sooner. I'm having a c section......and the closer the date gets the more I freak out. I'm nervous about getting an epidural when I haven't been having painful contractions before hand. Usually I'm like yeah, shoot me up that sounds great! But now that I'll just be walking in the hospital, not in labor, I don't think i'll be as excited about that...... Then I just get nervous about the surgery and recovery. It's going to be pretty different this time around then it was when I had Damon. My mom is coming to stay with us and help me out for a few weeks. It's been so long I've kind of forgotten what to expect about the recovery, but I know I'll need all the help I can get with these two crazy boys running around!

I'm excited for him to be here and to know that he's healthy and ok. 10 days seems so close....yet so far away!

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