Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today, I love the weather. I love my warm house. My sleeping baby. A freshly bathed toddler. And a coke zero.
I also love that I scored at target yesterday and found THE perfect fall scarf that I have been searching for! It's leopard print and I've been wearing it around the house because I love it so much. I just need a cute cropped leather jacket to go with it! Soon! AND I scored on a clearance hoodie for the hubs. It was $6 and he look HOT in it, if I do say so myself! I love you Target.
I Love that this rain has cleared all the smoke out of the valley and I can see the foothills again...and the sky for that matter!
I love that the leaves are changing, and everything looks so beautiful.
I love that Halloween is 2 weeks away and I still have no clue what we are going to be.
I Love that I can drink hot chocolate in the appropriate season....Hot chocolate in Summer just feels weird.
I love that my power bill is going to go down with this cool weather! Thank you mother nature! Maybe now I can go buy my leather jacket!
I love my crockpot and all my pinterest recipe's I can start cooking!
I love my husband for being so amazing and taking such good care of us.
I love Rafe's little 4 tooth grin.
I love that Damon says "we're home!" whenever we arrive at our destination....or finish anything really. Today I got him out of the bath and he's like "We're home!!" I couldn't help but laugh. Silly boy.
What do you love?

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