Friday, October 12, 2012

Tonsil Free

We are finally healed and tonsil free. It's a good feeling. Let's hope this mean less sore throats and sickness in the Morley house!! My healing process was much better than Dan's. His tonsils were huge and they had to stitch up the holes which mean a longer healing process. Mine were pretty average so there was nothing like that, thankfully!! I'm so glad it's over with!
In other news, we switched Damon to a toddler bed. I hate it. For many reasons....
1. He never stays in his bed no matter what
2. When he finally does fall asleep, I start doing something else. Fast forward about 2 hours later and he is out of his bed and comes to find me and gives me a heart attack! I'm too used to hearing him cry and going to get him! Not him finding me!
3. I say a cuss word 73% of the time when he sneaks up on me...which is never good for a little boy that echo's everything I say!
4. It makes him seem so old! It's cute to see him all snuggled up in bed, and be able to get in and out by himself. But it's soooo "toddler" that it makes me a little sad that he's grown up so fast.
5. Dan or I have to lay on the floor with him to fall asleep, because he won't just stay in his bed on his own. We have to be there to tell him to lay back down each time he tries to break out;)
So this is how I'm going about this whole toddler bed business. He gets in bed. We read stories, pray, and sing songs. Then I leave. About 5 min later he starts down the stairs. I let it slide twice then I have to stay in his room. I'm too nervous to just lay in there with him right from the begining because I don't want him to get used to me being in there all the time, and him not being able to fall asleep on his own. But this way isn't working great either. He knows he can get out. And he does it every time! It's getting so old and it's only been like 3 days. Once he's asleep, he sleeps great. So that's nice. I bought him a night light and a new book hoping it'd help him. I also have some Lightening Mcqueen fabric for a blanket.  I think I need one of those child proof door nob thingy's so he can't open his door. But this is also tricky because Rafe is usually sleeping and when Damon can't open the door he cries and wakes up Rafe.
That is one thing about having 2 kids that's hard. If one wakes up, the other one usually does. Thankfully that's been pretty rare. They both are sleeping through the night again. Rafe was teething, and Damon was scared for a while. But it seems like it's all good again....once they both fall asleep anyways!
ANYWAYS! This is such a random post, but I have random thoughts, so what's new right? If you have any advice on how to get Damon to stay in his bed, that'd be great!

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