Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Car!!

Texas just got a whole lot better Ya'll!!!! We added a new member to our family! (I didn't get a new big car because we are expecting, cuz we aren't! Trust me. i took a test 2 days ago! That's for a different blog post!)

Meet our Nissan Armada! Charcoal, leather interior, sunroof, DVD, Navigation, bucket seats, luggage rack, new tires, the works! Seriously, I don't know how we got so lucky to find such a nice used car! It's an '07 and is exactly what I was looking for!!!
I've been here for about a month with no car and it's been kinda tough to just stay inside day after day with the kids. I love that now we can go out, or if we want to play with friends, we can all ride in the same car! when family flies in, we have enough room to pick them all up and hold all the luggage! and if we decide we want another babe, then we will have plenty of room! That is why I wanted a bigger car. Sure we could have gone with a mini van.....but this is just more my style. I seriously love it so much, but feel like a spoiled little brat driving it! We have been driving my car from high school since we've been married and Dan's Nissan Sentra. Which has been great for us! But the celica had to go. It was just getting old, it was a '91. I loved that car though. And the Sentra is Dan's commuter car because it gets great gas mileage. We were packed in that little car with two kids. My knee's literally touched the dashboard so we could fit the kids in the back, and they were still kicking the backs of our seats! It just wasn't safe, comfortable, and if we were to have another babe, we would for sure need to upgrade. SO we are finally in a spot where we can! So we jumped on it!
We went to a dealer a few miles from our house just to look. We drove up and I immediately thought, there's no way we can afford anything on this lot! So we didn't even get out. The kids were sleeping, so Dan told me just to go see. So I did. and found this beauty. I liked that we bought it from a dealer because they make sure it's in  perfect condition before selling it. We got a good deal on a warranty, the car fax was perfect, and we were able to talk them down on price. Which I just have to say, I have some pretty good negotiating skills.....ok not really. I just blamed my husband for why we couldn't pay what they wanted. And begged for him to help me because "I need this car! I have to have it!!! But my husband doesn't want to go above $X amount!" Then we got really close, and I said. Well thanks for your time, but we just can't do it for that. And then BAM! "ok ok, let me ask my boss again!" SOLD!
We love it! I'm so excited to have the car I've been wanting for years, but couldn't get until now! Thanks Honey! You're the best!!!

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