Friday, June 21, 2013

TEXAS!!! Part one

Hey Ya'll!!!! Now that we live in Texas, I have to say that. Just kidding, I never say that. Mostly because I have no adult interaction....
      Well as most of you know, we recently moved to Texas! Dan now works for this guy....
and he loves it. He started off with a three week trial period to make sure everything was a good fit. He officially started in May. I stayed in Boise and sold the house and packed everything up. So we were apart for a month, and that sucked, but it was nice to be able to spend that time with my family!
       Our house sold in one day. I was so surprised how fast it went. Every person that came through to look at it made an offer. all offers were more than what we were we took the best one and that was the end of that! We closed in less than a month! So! If you are thinking about selling your home, now is a good time!!!!;)
      We hired movers because it was just going to be too much for Dan to take off work, fly back, pack the truck, and drive it the 26 hours to Austin. Here's a little tip if you're going to ever hire movers......they will give you a phone call and ask for a general inventory list. Then they give you a quote. Don't believe that quote price for a second. When they ask for the inventory list, tell them EVERYTHING you own. We had double the amount of boxes and a few things i forgot to tell the guy. When I talked to him, he made it sound like it was not that important and the movers just need a general list. No. Be detailed. Very detailed. Because it may or may not have been an extra $1800 than what we were quoted.....and what are you going to say? "STOP! unload the truck, i'm not doing this!" yeah forget that. I'm not driving that truck. So that was kind of a nightmare, but it was also suuuuper nice not to have to make that trip with kids. And they packed and wrapped all our stuff WAAAAYYY better than what we ever would have done.
         So I stayed with my parents for about a month, and it was a blast. My little brother got home from his mission during that time so it was so fun to be there for all of that and let everyone have some extra time with the kids. We spent a lot of nights watching movies or talking and catching up. It was so nice, but it also made it that much harder to leave. I miss them, a lot. I've kind of been in robot mode through this whole thing. The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster and I think I just started going on auto pilot and trying to emotionally detach myself from everything. Now it's starting to catch up to me! You can only block things out for so long until they come back and make you want to explode over every little thing. Here's what I mean....
     I was only in my calling for a few months. Just long enough to get settled in and really get attached to all the girls. I miss them a lot. They were so fun and quirky and I loved giving them advice. They were all 14-15 with one 16 yr old and so we all know that time of life is crazy and drama filled. So I miss them and I was bummed about being released. Another thing was I LOVED our home. I loved that house and was so sad to see it go. When everything was moved out, and everything was cleaned, I just sat on the floor and cried. We had so many monumental things happen in that house. SO many good times. Our boys both learned to walk, talk, crawl, and go down stairs in that house. first birthdays and christmas' and my first Thanksgiving as the host. Little things like that. and I feel like selling that house was leaving that stage of life behind us. Now they are both so independent and seem so big. It seems like nothing is a first anymore, and it makes me really want another baby at times.....but then I think "MMM, betta not" (someone please recognize that quote!)
     So leaving was hard, but being here has had a whole different set of issues too! Read the rest in part 2!

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