Friday, June 21, 2013

TEXAS part 2!!!

        Leaving my family has been tough. I really miss having them so close. As a stay at home mom, you can get rather lonely. It was nice to have my mom there on the days when I needed out of the house. Or Sunday dinners in Melba, or free babysitting. I definitely took those things for granted. And now that I'm here, and there's no family, no friends, and my kids have been in this crazy transition stage with everything going on, it's just been hard the last few days. Not to mention the fact that we are carless, so we couldn't get out of the house if we wanted....and we haven't mowed the lawn yet and there's all kinds of bugs, and it's hotter than hades here and my kids' skin is super sensitive. So we sit in the house all day and play hide and seek, and chase eachother around, and play don't break the ice (Don't ever buy that blasted game. 5 minutes to set up. 30 seconds to destroy). We watch a lot of movies, which I feel bad about. I haven't been able to get out and find a good park that's within walking distance. I just have a single stroller so Damon would have to walk and he always makes me carry him. With the 90 degree heat with crazy thanks. The pool is big and it makes me nervous to take two little boys who can't swim to a pool by myself. So we just bought a little pool and some squirt guns for the backyard, and i'm excited to do that! Everyone would tell me Texas was hot....but man. It's like 80 degrees by 8:00 in the morning. and the humidity! Oh man, it's intense! I only really like humidity if i'm on a beach. But I'm learning to love it. The evenings are nice. and the early morning I bet too...I wouldn't know that one though haha!
   We have slowly been getting settled. We sold our couch and TV with the house. And our other car before we left so we could buy a new one. So we just got our couches this last week, and found a new TV. I just got the internet and cable comes next week. So it's all coming together, which is great!!! Helps me feel like this place is more homey. I really thought that buying a new tv and couches would be fun, but I realized that it's hard for Dan and I to agree on stuff like that.....well besides the 70" tv...that was pretty easy. But the couches...good grief. We spent like 3 different nights in Ashley furniture while our kids ran around, knocked over lamps, climbed all over couches, ran their snotty noses over the furniture....and Damon full on punched a TV.. What? Anyways, we finally decided on a leather sectional. Which I don't super love having two little kids, but they have an awesome warranty that will help us if they ever take a pen or scissors or anything like that to it. And it looks freakin sweet, and is super comfy, so that helps. But here's another problem....
    We moved into this really nice house in this super nice neighborhood which is awesome. Rent is double what our mortgage is....but welcome to Texas. That's just how it is here, unless you buy. Which we don't want to do yet. SO anyways, awesome house! Smells like cat. At first we didn't notice cuz our house was full of boxes and they had just cleaned the carpets for a second time....(red flag, why twice if there were no animals?) Anyways, I noticed it first in our closet. It was gross. Pulled up the carpets and they were covered in pee stains. Then i started pulling up carpet in other places to find the same problem. We were told there were no animals here before us. So now we have been fighting with the property manager to replace the carpets because A) Dan's allergic, and possibly my kids. They have been sick since we've been here and constantly have runny noses B) my kids play and roll around all over this cat pee carpet and C) it's just GROSS and we shouldn't need any other explanation than that! the prop manager has been super difficult and you can tell he overlooked all that and now he's trapped and has to spend money that will piss off the owners becuase he wasn't doing his job. So now he's trying to replace it with his own money to cover his butt. He hasn't told the owners. and refuses to fully recarpet. He only wants to do our room even though the kids' room is just as bad. He's a jerk. And I hate him. So now it's to the point of us breaking the lease and moving out. HI. I just got settled, all boxes unpacked, tv mounted, internet, cable, all that crap, and now we might need to move?! Because he's being a jerk?! ridiculous. So anyways, we are having him redo our room and closet and the boy's room and closet and calling it good. I'm not moving all our crap again. What I am going to do is write a nasty letter about this fool to the prop management company and the owners and get that fool fired.
    Sooooo.....crazy cat pee house, crazy kids in transition, no car, and everything else and you could say it's been a crazy ride so far. Oh! And Rafe got hand foot and mouth his first day in nursery....then Dan got it, BAD, then Damon got it! Luckily I have been spared. Thank goodness for that tender mercy. If I get that crap I'm for sure going to need a straight jacket. The kids wake up at night, have had fevers and runny noses, and blisters in their mouths and throat and hands and feet. YUCK! I think we are on the downhill, so that's good.
    I'll step off my soap box now! I'm sorry for the ranting and venting. I didn't start this post off with that intention. I was just going to update, now I'm realizing how crazy it really has been here the last 3 weeks! Regardless of everything,  I'm glad that we are here. It's a beautiful place with some really cool stuff. It's fun being somewhere else on our own. I honestly feel like when life gets too settled, something will happen that will  force you outside of your comfort zone so you can grow as a person and challenge yourself and see what you're capable of. I really like Austin and am so excited for a new adventure.  I'm excited to make new friends and try new things. The beginning is always tough, but it will get better.

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